Where do luxury home buyers live?

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The U.S. cities with the highest number of $10 million and up home sales are:

  • Beverly Hills, Calif. – 19 million
  • Aspen, Colo. – 13 million
  • Santa Barbara, Calif. – 13 million
  • Los Angeles, Calif. – 9 million
  • Miami Beach, Fla. – 7 million
  • Atherton, Conn. – 7 million
  • Greenwich, Conn. – 6 million
  • Malibu, Calif. – 5 million
  • Los Angeles, Calif. – 5 million
  • Miami, Fla. – 5 million

Luxury home buyer’s needs

  1. More homes, the better it gets for a luxury home buyer to live vicariously.
    • 58% of wealthy home buyers like to own several homes, as it helps to manage their lifestyle activities.
  2. Amenities, not the home size that impresses the luxury home buyers.
    • 94% of affluent buyers are willing to sacrifice 1,000 square feet of living space to get their desired upgrades.
  1. Smart Homes rather than Green Homes catch their attention.
    • 66% showed more desire to own a smart home rather than a green home.
  2. Not just for the market knowledge, a real estate agent also provides guidance to the luxury clients. From their agent, a luxury home buyer wants:
    • Neighborhood lifestyle information (65%),
    • Advance notice on new listings (64%),
    • Advice on housing trends (55%),
    • A support at a personal level throughout the buying process (53%),

Ford Lake Views, land for sale

0 Grove Road  Ypsilanti, MI 48198



 Imagine this photo of Ford Lake would actually be your view from every window of the lake side of your newly constructed home-build it to maximize your view everyday, year round! Build your dream home on the waterfront just up a few steps from the lake.


This lot is perfect for a walk out home, walk right on down to enjoy the all sports Ford Lake. Your little slice of paradise & your vacation destination could be in your own back yard.


Virtual Tour

Walk along the path that’s been cleared in the front of the property to through the lot to appreciate the land and what’s in store for you!

Historic Home in the Heart of Tecumseh, MI

Presented by TheCheneveyGroup.com

505 North Pearl Street Tecumseh, MI 49286


PearlStepsMLS Branded

There’s little that compares with the wonderful park like setting of 505 N.Pearl Street, a piece of Tecumseh history built in 1890, just a short walk downtown and all around.


It’s been well loved for over a century,so much so that there’s only been a few owners since the Bidwell family. It sits on 1.08 acres in the heart of Tecumseh. While it has all the character and charm of a home built in 1890 from the outside, don’t be fooled, the interior has all the more modern conveniences today’s family would want,including three wonderful porches,one being screened,just off the kitchen. There are three character filled bedrooms upstairs with a full bath. The master bedroom on the main floor as well as a 3/4 bath. The basement is partially finished, a perfect man cave or a hang out spot for the kids.Many an evening is spent outdoors by the family’s favorite,the fire pit.Be sure to check it all out on the virtual tour.

Call today to schedule your appointment! 734-645-4414

All my best,

Nancy Chenenvey

Forth of July Festivities in SE Michigan

     Summer in Michigan is not complete without at least one display of fireworks. So as we gear up for Fourth of July celebrations, where will you be? Here is a list of a few places in Ann Arbor and surrounding cities to catch the explosions and some other activities to keep you busy!



Dates: Every night June 30-July 3, 2016
Where: Greenfield Village Dearborn, Mi 48124
Date:  July 3, 2016 at Dusk
Where: Carr Park
600 W. Main St.

in Manchester, Michigan 48158
Milan Dragway Fireworks
Date: July 1, 2016 at Dusk
Where: Milan Dragway
10860 Plank Rd
in Milan, Michigan 48160
Date:July 2, 2016 at Dusk
Where: Fireworks shot over Whitmore Lake.
Viewing area across from Post Office and on the lake
Main St
in Green Oak Township, Michigan 48189
Date:July 3, 2016 at Dusk
Where: Lincoln Hills Golf Course
2666 West 14 Mile

in Birmingham, Michigan 48012
Date: July 4th, 2016 at Dusk
Where: Faith Baptist Church
2030 Kalmbach Road
Chelsea, MI 48118

Other Happenings Around Town:

Ann Arbor Summer Festival ends after this weekend, so here’s your last chance to take advantage of all the activities. a2sf.org

26th Annual 4th of July Parade: Monday, July 4, 2016 @ 10AM
Downtown Ann Arbor (State, Liberty, Main, and William St) More info…

87th Annual Ypsilanti Independence Parade will be held in Depot Town on Monday, July 4th. 11 a.m. The parade begins on the corner of Oakwood and Cross Streets and ends at Rice Street in Ypsilanti’s Historic Depot Town. There are over 50 participants in this year’s parade including veterans, marching bands, Elvisfest, local businesses, church groups, live bands, and classic cars. More info…

Firecracker 5K and Kids’ Dash July 4 @ 7:55 AM9:30 AM For more information go to FireCracker 5k

Wherever you end up, have a great weekend! 

All my best,

Nancy Chenevey

Michigan FireWorks

Father’s Day Weekend for the Wine Lover

Father's Day Weekend for the Wine Lovers.

A few short days away and it’s the men’s turn to be celebrated. Father’s day has long been a fun family gathering in my family. This time of year means grilling steaks in the egg and fresh flowers in the garden. In my search for fun events this weekend I came across quite a few wine tastings/ openings for this weekend.  I’d love to hear if you happen to check any of them out!

1) Over at Mari Vineyards, near Traverse City, MI, they are celebrating a grand opening on June 18th, 2016. Here’s what they have to say:       

       “Mark your calendars and come celebrate the grand opening of Mari Vineyards on June 18th, 2016. We will be providing live music, tastings and free tours in our stunning new winery on Old Mission Peninsula. There are also rumors that a few bottles of our limited reserve wines which date back to 2005 will be opened up for this event.” Find out more here at Mari Vineyards.

2) On the far west side of the state is the Lake Michigan Wine Festival. Also on the 18th of June, this festival features some of the best Michigan’s wines.

“Sample award-winning wines from Lake Michigan Shore Wine Country. Enjoy great music & food, right on the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan! Learn more about the 19 participating wineries at www.miwinetrail.com” 

3) Sandhill Crane Vineyards in Jackson, MI is having a Father’s day open house to honor all the great dad’s that love a good wine.:

   “Bring dad (and the rest of the crew) for a Father’s Day Open House filled with cigars, cheeses, and live music! We’re setting up a special area in the Meadow (the open grassy area east of the winery building) with a cigar vendor, and cheese samples from all of our Michigan vendors. And we’re offering free tastes of our 840 port for dad! bello spark will be performing in the afternoon on the front porch, and the cafe is featuring a special port-friendly charcuterie board just for the occasion. Admission is free. Call us at 517.764.0679 for more information.” For More info go to Sandhill Crane Events.

4) Finally on my list is Lemon Creek Farms. Also on the west side of the state and featuring a Father’s day event, Lemon Creek is not only great for wine they also have a u-pick farm. Fun for the whole family!

 “Michigan’s longest running wine festival! Featuring live music by Libido Funk Circus, a classic Corvette car show, kids games, hay-rides & more.” More info at Lemon Creek Farms Events.

There are so many more things happening this weekend, I’m looking forward to a little R&R myself. Whatever you do, remember to hug say a few thanks to a DAD!

All my love,

Nancy Chenevey

Color your world like a designer. (repost via American Lifestyle)

Finally some warmer weather here in Michigan. There were some days I thought winter would never end! Now that the cold is behind us are you ready to shake it off and bring in a fresher, more vibrant summer? What better way to invigorate your world then a little paint? Here’s some great tips from American Lifestyle magazine to help you out. 

Color your world like a designer… via American Lifestyle Magazine


An infusion of color can transform a space or even an entire home. Experimenting can show off your personal style, but can be a little risky, as it’s not always easy to pick the perfect palette. Use these tips to get inspired, and begin thinking like a designer!

Understand the Basics

The best color for a space depends on light, textures, things you already own, and the way one room flows into the next.

When choosing a color, consider the lighting and how it shifts throughout the day. Even the type of light bulb you choose will change the look.

Navigate the Color Wheel

The color wheel is the best (and easiest) way to choose color schemes that work, for both beginners and experts.

The classic color wheel is made up of 12 different hues. These hues are classified into 3 categories:

  1. Primary colors (3) are the root of all colors and are the only hues that can’t be created by mixing any colors together (yellow, red, and blue).
  2. Secondary colors (3) are created by combining two primary colors to get either purple, green, or orange.
  3. Tertiary colors (6) come from mixing a primary color with its secondary color neighbors.

These 12 basic colors allow you to mix endless combinations of hues. Every combination can then be broken down for even more variety by adding to that color, like white (to tint), black (to shade), or grey (to create tones).

With these endless possibilities, how do you choose even one color, let alone a palette for your home? Try one of these:

Classic Color Combinations

Monochromatic Color Combination:  Love a color—own it
One-color rooms are peaceful, allowing the eye to move easily without interruption by other colors. Contrast is created by using tints, shades, or tones of the same hue. In the examples, one hue is muted to a neutral, and then brightened up as an accent to keep it all in the family.

Analogous Color Combinations: The friendliest neighbors
Analogous colors lead to soft, transitioning palettes that blend and change seamlessly. Often resembling nature’s palettes—think of sunsets or ocean waves—an analogous color scheme is made up of two or more neighboring colors.

Complementary Color Combinations: Opposites attract
Choose two colors that are directly opposite each other on the wheel for a complementary color combination. The contrast creates interest and energy but remains sensible and pleasing to the eye.

Triadic Color Combinations: Equally balanced trios for the bold and vibrant
When strong contrast exists, balance is key. Choose three equally spaced colors on the wheel for a triadic color scheme, being careful to select one of the three as your main color and using the other two as accents.

Split Complementary Color Combinations: Almost opposites attract
This combination is pulled together from two (almost complementary) colors. Choose a base color, find its complement, and then choose the hue to the right or left of the base color’s complement. You’re left with more subtle contrast by not choosing a color’s exact opposite.

Practical Tips for Your Home

Blend Rather Than Match.
Every element in a chosen color shouldn’t match exactly. Use the entire family of tones, tints, and shades throughout the room (for example, a vase that’s a tint of the wall color). Variations keep rooms from looking overdesigned.

Neutralize for Balance.
Lots of brights? Add a neutral color to balance it out. Or start with a neutral scheme, and add pops of colorful accents.

Find a Pattern.
What about a favorite photo, piece of artwork, or sweater? Is there a pattern in the colors you are naturally drawn to? This will help you establish where you want to begin.

Brighten Dark Rooms.
In low-light rooms, shadows become distinct, making a space feel even darker. Choose a color that absorbs shadows to brighten it up. Contrary to what you may think, light colors won’t work; try a saturated, rich hue, like a jewel tone. Dark rooms allow you to experiment—even if the color looks too bright, super-saturated colors mellow in shadows.

Create Color Illusion.
Paint two adjacent rooms the same color to give the appearance of an open floor plan. Use the same colors and patterns in the master bedroom and bath to create an en suite feel.

Remember Existing Considerations.
Don’t forget to factor in woodwork, furniture, flooring, or countertops. Choose colors that will work with those elements already in place. The same advice can be said when choosing home accents and new furniture. Use our printable Color Guide as an on-the-go resource for your home’s color palette when you spot that perfect shade of fabric or other home accent.

Here’s What’s #Trending.
Choose a palette with Pantone’s Color of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue.

Dial Down.
Tone down color schemes by adding white to create tints of bold colors. Even a primary palette can be muted enough to look elegant and not elementary.

Not Ready to Commit?
If you are worried about being overwhelmed by color, use it in smaller doses to accent rather than dominate. Accent with colorful accessories and artwork to see how much you enjoy living with a certain hue.

Need more help? Try these painting tips organized by the area of the home and the room.

For more ideas on how to add color to your home, visit www.americanlifestylemag.com/onthemove.

– See more at: http://americanlifestylemag.com/color-your-world-like-a-designer/#sthash.OBLXuqiw.dpuf




How to Color like a Designer

8 Tips to Melt the Winter Blues


With temperatures dipping in the low teens in Michigan this week, the winter blues began rearing its dreary, cloud-covered head. I know I’m not the only person in these parts feeling it. Around the office I see agents with scarves coiled around their necks and hear boots stomping through the halls. Just about everyone I ask “How are you today?” answers with a grumbled, “Cold!”

So in the spirit of all the early Valentine’s chocolate coursing through my veins, I decided to look on the bright side (even if the sun is hiding!) and look for ways to beat the winter blues.

I did a little searching online and found that almost every winter blues list included getting outside. Who knew embracing the chilly weather was the key to warming up to winter? Surly, not this southerner! It’s a great idea though with endless possibilities.

Around Ann Arbor, it can translate into taking the family out for a skating trip at one of the new outdoor skating rinks at Allmendinger, Burns & Northside parks.


Or cross-country skiing in The Arb.


Or taking the kids sledding at Vets Park.



However you decide to embrace winter, be sure to have fun and always remember: Spring is only 1 month and 10 days away!

For more 7 more ways to melt away the winter blues, click here.




2016 Could Be the Best Year to Buy a Home

real-estate-2016According to a recent article on Realtor.com, 2016 could be the best year to buy a new home in a long time. With slowly raising interest rates and eager builders looking to sell new homes at lower price points, 2016 is shaping up to be a no-brainer for buyers.

This is especially good news for renters. According to the article, “more than 85% of U.S. markets have rents that exceed 30% of the income of renting households. Furthermore, rents are accelerating at a more rapid pace than home prices, which are moderating.”

With the transient university population here in Ann Arbor, we definitely fit into the inflated rent category. Our team works with buyers all the time who tell us their mortgage payment is less than the rent they paid in a two bedroom apartment.

What does all this mean for renters in 2016? Stop wasting your hard earned cash on renting and invest in a home that will pay off!

To read more about the 5 trends that will shape the 2016 housing market, click here.

5 Ways to Turn Difficult Neighbors into Dream Neighbors


With all the snow falling in the Ann Arbor area, you’d think the worst part would be bundling up to survive the “feels like” 3 degrees weather.

After talking to a few friends though, I’ve found the worst part of a snowy night is waking up in the (very early) morning to the grating scrape of your neighbor’s snow shovel as they dig their cars out of their driveways. It’s probably the only sound that can make a beeping alarm seem like Mozart!

All this talk about snow shovel wake up calls got me thinking about past neighbors I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of living next to who throw rowdy parties on weeknights or have dogs who enjoyed digging up my fence posts or overgrown lawns that stick out like a sore thumb (and scare off potential buyers!).

We’ve all had a terrible neighbor or two, but what is the best way to deal with them?

Click here to read 5 surefire ways to deal with even the most difficult neighbors, courtesy of HGTV.com.





Last Minute Holiday Decorating Tips

Christmas might be one week away (yes, one, single, where-did-the-time-go week!), but there’s still time to add some holiday cheer to your home with these simple decorating ideas I found on Midwestliving.com. The best part about these ideas is that they utilize items you probably already have stored around the house. Take a look!

Ornaments Aren’t Just For Trees


Gift Wrap Your Pillows (genius!)


Make A Scene With Nature


These are just a few of my faves, but there are a whopping 50 quick and easy ideas on Midwest Living’s site. Click here to see them all!

Warmest wishes for a happy & safe holiday,