Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Michigan Mitten BrrLately, all I can seem to think about is how darn cold it is here in Michigan this winter. So much so that finding ways to stay warm has become a new hobby of mine. Taking to another guilty-pleasure hobby for solutions, I found a simple and adorable way  on Pinterest to keep chilly hands toasty–and keep the kids entertained while they’re cooped up indoors during subzero school days off!

Pocket Hand Warmers


All you need to create your own stylist DIY hand warmers are:

1) Needle & thread

2) Uncooked rice

3) Fabric swatches

If you learned how to sew a pillow when you were ten, you are more than capable of making these beauties. It’s a perfect opportunity for a beginner sewing lesson with the kids or grandkids, too. I made a pair of these for each of my coats and even coordinated fabrics to match. Chances are no one will ever see them, but, like a stunning jacket lining,  every gal appreciates a fun splash of color that’s just for her eyes only.

After the rice-filled pouches are made, simply pop them into the microwave for 30 seconds before leaving the house then tuck them into your pockets or mittens as warmers. Your hands will thank you in the spring.

For now, it’s my latest Fabulous Find, and it’s a must-have for snowy open houses and showings. Perfect for all you savvy winter buyers out there, as well. Next week’s post will be all about you brave souls and why it’s a smart move to buy before spring thaws the market.

For more details on how to make these resourceful warmers visit Rae Ann Kelly’s site.  She has more DIY ideas than there are days left of winter…hopefully!



The Chenevey Group…showing you the way home.



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